Social Campaigns


A social campaign is a group of posts centered around a topic, event, or product. These are the corner stone of your social media presence, but you need careful preparation before launching one. Running a social campaign requires someone monitoring it consistently to engage with customers live, so you can capitalize on the momentum. At left are two campaigns I created for See Jane Run. Click on both images to open the slideshows





Social Photography

The one thing that differentiates the great content from the mediocre is amazing photos. It might seem like an afterthought, but a sleek design and beautiful photo will make your viewers trust you even before they read what it is you're talking about.

Below are some of my favorite photos that I've taken and posted on social for brands. Click through the slideshow to see them all.


Writing, Editing & Content Production

The foundation of my professional career has is in writing, and I've brought my expertise to every role. Below are a few examples of writing and editing that I have created -- be sure to click the links to view.




Other services I provide:

Content Production

Creating great content is like conducting an orchestra. You need someone who knows how to make each individual process the best it can be, and who can keep their focus on the sum of its parts. 

Project Management is my jam. Whether it's just you, or a whole team of folks, I can help you visualize your goal, and then map out the project from start to finish. I can even help you hire the right people if you don't already have them.


Community - Engagement (social, email and forums)

Your community extends beyond your customers. It’s everyone who shares your values and what your brand stands for. It’s so crucial to create relationships with these folks, and to do that, you need someone who can embody your values and represent your brand’s unique voice. I utilize my natural intuition and skills with writing to connect with your customers, so that they know you care. Here are a few examples:


It’s important to have a catching caption for facebook, that gets your reader’s attention so that they WILL read that blog article you’ve worked so hard to create.


The better your facebook post, the more people who will like or “react” to it, and the more you’ll know what your target audience, your paying customer, really wants to know
Food for thought
You need someone on your team who will carefully survey your audience and provide them with the social media content that keeps them engaged with your brand, and you front of mind. This isn’t just your content, it’s hand-picked and curated content from the rest of the world that is relevant to your customer


Speaking of food for thought, have you ever done any research into social media trends? It is a confusing, rapidly changing field. I don't recommend spending a lot of time trying to get a handle on it, unless you're like me and find it really fun to keep up with. I am constantly monitoring trend and apps, and if you're one of my clients, I will make sure you know if anything new on the scene is worth your time.








































You've seen Mad Men, right? Facebook is to the 21st century what TV ads were to the 60s. With 1.71 billion users, Facebook is the number one social networking tool across the world. That's a market you just can't afford to miss, but it's a tricky medium to master for marketing. 

You have to consistently walk a fine line between advertising your services and annoying people. 

The key to doing it right is listening. You need someone with an empathetic ear who can hear what your customers are saying, and give them more of the content that they want. 

Click on the gallery to the left to see a close-up of some of the posts I've made for facebook for the following companies:


Biddy Tarot

It was clear from the facebook engagement data that Biddy Tarot's follower's loved inspiring quotes set in beautiful, peaceful images. Refining the facebook strategy raised engagement and followers went up 25% over a 1 year period to 30k followers

See Jane Run

See Jane Run catered to female runners with a positive attitude and a zest for life. I captured the essence of their motto "I run for chocolate" in every post I made, focusing on inspiration, humor and encouragement. My efforts grew their average daily engaged users 3400% and landed them at #11 on Running Magazine's list of most popular facebook pages


Instagram is, by far, my favorite platform. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can make a beautiful visual representation of your brand, and utilize it's built-in community of photography enthusiasts to let people know who you are and what you care about.

At left, you can see some examples of my work, which include original photography, and visuals I've created with graphic designers on my team. I customize every caption and set of hashtags to highlight the essence of each post, and to encourage engagement -- likes and comments. 

Click through the slideshow for multiple examples.

Twitter - love it or hate it, it's here to stay. But there's a way to use it to connect with your customers, and make new friends from the farthest corners of the earth. It's about getting to the root of what will intrigue any person in the twittersphere

Click through the slideshow at left to see some of the tweets I've crafted to engage followers through this tricky medium