The Lightwork Alliance


Are you here to help people?  Feeling overwhelmed about how to shine your light in these dark times?

If you join our group, you'll have a team of people, just like you, behind you, helping keep you strong even at the worst of times.

The group is for spiritual folks and energy workers -- mediums, empaths, intuitives, tarot readers, astrologers, yogis, and more! It's about coming together, sharing our knowledge, and creating a safe haven where we can discuss how we can use our gifts to help the world in this really hard time. 

I was inspired to create this because I know so many sensitive folks who have been struggling in the last few months due to all the negativity in politics and beyond. It can be very overwhelming and painful, but I feel like if we can come together and support each other, we can help each other carry on with our missions to shine some light.


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Objectives of this Group:


  • To come together in a place free of ego with the desire to serve humanity as a whole and contemplate healing on a large scale level

  • Problem solving how to use our abilities and intentions for large scale healing

  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals whose missions are dedicated to healing and serving

  • Offer solutions and advice to other professionals in the healing/lightworking business

  • Brainstorm solutions that we, as lightworkers can do to help heal on a larger scale (i.e., synchronized prayers, prayer grids, etc)




  • No overly-promotional posts (sharing what you do and offering your services is ok, using this as a substitute for a mailing list is not)

  • No sales pitches

  • Positivity and compassion first -- this is not a place to shit on anyone or be negative. This would be a place where we try to treat everyone with compassion, and when we cannot, to seek understanding over condemnation.

  • No trolling -- critical and negative posts towards other members will not be tolerated. If you post something of this nature it will be removed and you will risk being dismissed from the group

  • No ego or ego trips.

  • No drama

  • Service first -- this is a place where we as lightworkers can collaborate on how to heal and help the larger community outside of ourselves.


This group is for you if:


  • You have an established and regular spiritual or healing practice for yourself (tarot reading, meditation, yoga, etc). You have been practicing for at least two years.

  • You are genuinely concerned about the current state of the world. You want to use what you’ve learned in your spiritual practice to create a SHIFT in a positive direction

  • You relish in the idea of a sanctuary from the rest of the internet -- where you and your empathic sensitivity will be treated with kindness, respect, and an open mind. You want to show that same respect to others.

  • You may have a speciality, but you are open to discussing all forms and methods of spirituality, and hope to learn more. You want to approach these new methods with an open-mind -- whether they be prayer, crystals, angels, Buddhist theology, or what have you!

  • You want to learn from others and advance your craft by doing so. You are as willing to be a teacher as you are a student.

  • You want to support your fellow lightworkers on their journey, and also open yourself up to getting support from them too.

  • You want to belong to a spiritual healing community that is completely free of drama and ego-centricity

  • You want to have genuine discussions on a peer-to-peer level with other spiritualists, healers, and lightworkers. You are eager to meet others who are doing something similar to you, and you want to brainstorm and strategize ways you can use your lightworker gifts to affect change on a grander societal level. You want to collaborate with them promote social good and social justice.

  • You’re excited about the idea of coming together with like minds in community to find a way to take action in a dark time and shine a light


This group might NOT be for you if:


  • You like to show off how much you know about spirituality/healing, etc. instead of simply sharing what you know. You’re an expert and you don’t need anyone else’s opinions, thank you very much.

  • You are primarily looking for an opportunity to market yourself or your services

  • You are often hasty in your responses to others online and don’t consider how your words will be construed in an online context. You find yourself often in conflict with others online

  • You don’t like engaging in online communities (hello, lurkers! ;)

  • You aren’t interested in how healing and spirituality can help people and work on a larger scale

  • You aren’t open to things of the “woo” nature (crystals, tarot, angels)

  • You are brand-spanking new to the whole lightworker/spiritual/yoga/woo-woo world and haven’t really delved into it yet

  • You are not interested in exploring the idea of doing lightwork or healing on more than an individual or 1:1 level

  • You are focused primarily on making your spiritual business profitable right now and not interested in giving back at this time

  • You cannot tolerate conversing with a diverse group of people who may have different sexual orientations, racial or ethnic backgrounds, political views, or simply different ideas than you

  • You don’t have time to contribute to the conversation

  • You are looking for an outlet to share your political beliefs rather than your humanitarian beliefs.

  • Lightwork, spirituality, or healing is nice but it’s not a major theme in your life




Want more info?

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I'd love to hear from you!


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