Hello there!

I'm Kerina, a social media manager and content creator. I have been managing social media marketing accounts for the past five years. I also have experience with creating Ambassador programs, managing online communities, online customer service. I have a lot of other professional experience as well that is probably totally irrelevant because at heart I am an artist who has tried every well-paying respectable job that I could to see if I liked anything as much as writing.

Turns out, I don't!

Nothing "conventionally respectable," anyway. Tried non-profits, thought about journalism, thought (and quickly forgot) about law school, also retail, as well as food & beverage. Nope. No dice.

But, I love writing, and photography, and I prefer making fun of things to taking them seriously (ok, I do take some things seriously) not to take anything too so that makes me a natural at social media marketing. I'm also a big fan of creating great online content -- blogs, podcasts, newsletters, memes -- because the internet is full of crap! I like the internet, and I'd like it to have less crap, so it smells better when I come to visit. I also love helping people and things that wander into woo woo territory, so I'm trying my hand at healing as well. 

If you're interested in hearing about some of the things I've done, check out my list of services here, and Linkedin. 

What I really want is to help people whose business is healing, because I think we need more healers. I also want to work with artists because I think the world can get ugly and it needs more wonderful things.  Jewelry is cool too.

If you are one of the following, I'd love to help you, so feel free to reach out to me. You don't even have to hire me, you can just say hi! 



All graphic design images are courtesy of the wonderful artists at the noun project. 

Icosahedron by Cecilia Morales

Other icons by: 

Denis Moskowitz

Simon Child

Alice Cerconi

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